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Business Development Consulting

Business Development Consulting

The business model is typically specific to a particular business field. Some examples include construction, manufacturing, consulting, and software development.

A manufacturing business development model defines the specific requirements necessary to build a manufactured product.

Founded in 1944 and owned by the Canadian government, the Business Development Bank of Canada is a banking institution focused on promoting entrepreneurship among the country’s small- and mid-sized businesses. It does this by providing financing, venture capital, business development consulting, educational materials, and online tools to start-up businesses that have approximately 50 to 250 employees.

What is Business Management Consulting?

Business management consulting is used by professionals to offer strategies and objective advice on process improvements that lead to greater effectiveness in an organization. The goal is to help the organization remain competitive by proposing strategies that will improve efficiency, profits, the organization’s structure or operations.

  • Some professionals who offer business management consulting services are self-employed, and others work for a management consulting firm.
  • Organizations might hire business consulting services that specialize in specific industries, such as manufacturing or healthcare. Other consulting firms offer services for specific business functions, such as marketing, information technology or human resources.

Business consultants should be experienced and experts in their field.

What you expect from all Business Development Consulting?

First and foremost, Business Development is about developing new revenue opportunities through new partnerships. It is about facilitating business growth and scale by focusing on the process of

  • exploring new growth drivers for the products and the overall business, and
  • creating long-lasting alliances with partners through strategic execution.

It also involves expanding the client base by understanding the market dynamics.

The result of Hadson’s Consulting and advice:

  • Choosing the right investment field in Canada

  • Minimize the amount of capital required when starting a business

  • Guidelines for hiring workers

  • Familiarity with labor, state, union and other laws and regulations

  • How to get a fund for your business and raise capital

  • Complete guidelines on strategic and marketing plans


Its ultimate objective is to grow the business, create new markets, form strategic partnerships, and increase profitability. This makes Business Development a highly strategic role due to its primary focus on the long-term goals of the business.

In summary, business development entails a conglomeration of strategies, initiatives, and activities to make a business more successful.

Investment Consulting

Independent, unbiased investment counsel.

Why should that matter to you? Because being independent from an investment perspective means we provide investment advice, but we don’t manage money. And that means our advice regarding investment solutions is uniquely conflict-free.

As a fiduciary, it’s advice you can use to develop an investment program and then prudently manage it.

Risk management?

Yes–through the development of reasonable and appropriate investment objectives, establishing long-term asset allocation strategies, developing investment policies and procedures, defining and creating implementation plans, selecting investment managers and funds, and evaluating and monitoring portfolio performance, to name a few.


  • An investment consultant helps clients formulate and put into place investment strategies as well as construct and maintain their portfolios.
  • As with other financial advisors, investment consultants actively monitor their client’s investments and work with them as their financial objectives change over time to adjust their holdings.
  • The job market for personal financial consultants is poised to grow in the next decade (2020-2030).
  • Becoming an investment consultant typically requires a college degree and some work experience.
  • Professional investment consultants must also be properly licensed to advise clients.

It’s a federal and provincial register Canadian company

(Business Number (BN): 759119530RC0001)

that provide you all business development advice and strategies

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