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The best way to reach us os our assessment form. However you can text us on our WhatsApp line or drop us an email for book an appointment for free consultation. 

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پیج فعال ما در ایران

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+1 (604) 355-4300

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همراهان فارسی زبان عزیز جهت تماس با ما این دو شماره در تلگرام و واتساپ اختصاص داده شده است

Head Office


701 West Georgia Street, 
Suite 1545, V7Y 1C6
Vancouver, BC, Canada



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WhatsApp is the most effective way to contact us. The accounts are verified by our team via our internal system merged with the WhatsApp platform so that we can communicate with ease round the clock.

If you are detained or need to take refuge, do not waste time and sign our retainer agreement here. Our regulated consultant or partner lawyers with start your case right away.

If you are signing a retainer with us, make sure you send your signed contract to our registered email and get confirmation from us otherwise your agreement is not in effect: contract[@]hadsonimmigration com 


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