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How to Immigrate to Canada as a Manager of Business Development

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Manager of Business Development

Are you interested in coming to Canada and have research, market, or strategy formulation experience? Fortunately, Canada offers possibilities for immigration and job advancement.

Canada is seeking qualified people, such as business development managers and market researchers, to reside in the country.
  • Description of the Job (NOC 4163/41402)

Business development managers, market researchers, and similar positions are responsible with researching present and new markets in order to establish a strategy that will boost the company’s profitability. Included in this position category are:

  • Research existing and emerging market trends and report findings
  • Evaluate existing workplace environments and marketing efforts
  • Identify and assess business prospects, and build appropriate strategies. Collaborate with executives to develop business plans.
  • Implement recently drafted policies

Annual Salary Average: $71,000 CAD

Requirements for a Canadian Business Development Manager

To work as a business development manager or market researcher in Canada, your employer may request verification of your foreign qualifications and credentials. One means of achieving this is by completing an Education Credential Assessment (ECA). Here is a list of qualifications employees require:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, commerce, business administration, or public administration
  • Certification as an economic developer (EC.D.)
  • Certification as a Marketing Research Professional (CMRP)

What Options Do You Have to Immigrate to Canada as a Manager of Business Development?

  • Direct Entry

Express Entry is the most common system for business development managers, market researchers, and analysts seeking to move to Canada. Express Entry is a point-based system that scores you based on a variety of CRS-related characteristics.
Your CRS score for Express Entry is dependent on the following factors:

Age/ Education/ Level Language Abilities/ Work Experience
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are an ideal option if you wish to settle in a certain province or territory. A PNP enables a province to nominate a competent skilled worker for immigration to their province based on criteria established by the provincial government.

  • Start Up Visa

Looking to advance your career and explore additional options? Applicants with at least two years of experience may qualify for a Start-Up Visa! This visa is specifically created for entrepreneurs and investors in Canada. This visa permits a 3- to 6-year stay in Canada, with extension opportunities.

Similar Roles

The Canadian government now refers to managers of business development as “officers” of business development. This includes business development managers, coordinators, directors, and vice presidents

Canada is Ideal for a Manager of Business Development

In Canada, business development managers earn, on average, $34.62 per hour. There are numerous excellent provinces to select from, each having thriving cities, beautiful areas, and inexpensive housing alternatives.

In Alberta, which is known for its beautiful landscapes, welcoming communities, and affordability for those looking to settle down, the employment outlook and the number of people employed in this occupation are particularly favorable.
The employment outlook for business development managers in Quebec, a province with a robust economy for skilled professionals, is likewise rather favorable. Quebec is one of Canada’s top provinces for immigration, with huge, lively cities and a rich heritage.

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