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Advantages of Intra-Company Transfer to Canada

Advantages of Intra-Company Transfer to Canada

Canada has a strong English tradition, an expanding French-speaking population, and a robust multicultural society. The country’s reputation for being a safe and desirable location to live makes it a natural target for multinational organizations that wish to establish enterprises or relocate. Intra-company transfers to Canada are an excellent option to obtain Canadian permanent residency.
The primary benefit is that your company can take advantage of the Canada PR without requiring you to leave your existing work or organization. This is crucial because it is not something that everyone is capable of doing.

This requires legal and administrative support, as your existing company cannot sponsor your permanent residency application. The Canada PR permits you to modify your immigration status and permits you to remain and work in Canada.

Principal advantages of the Intra-Company Transfer work permit program

Among the principal advantages of the ICT work visa program are:

  1. Your spouse may also work in Canada for the duration of your employment there. Children can attend public schools in Canada for free or low costs.
  2. It is possible to obtain a work visa to work in Canada without submitting to an English or French language test.
  3. Access to free health care: The government provides free medical health coverage after three months of employment in Canada.
  4. You can reside in your home nation. You are not required to reside in Canada full-time.
  5. If you wish to extend your firm, you have access to the Canadian and American markets. There is a robust and safe banking system, as well as a substantial amount of capital and economic opportunities.
  6. Permanent residency: After three years in Canada with a temporary work permit, you may apply for permanent residency. After obtaining PR, you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, the most coveted passport in the world.

Internal transfer from Canada to PR

Permanent residency in Canada is a status granted to those who are not Canadian citizens. With permanent residency (PR), you can live and work indefinitely in the country.

International transfer within the company 2010 saw the introduction of a new immigration class for Canada.
It provides a road to Canadian permanent residency for foreign nationals of enterprises with offices in Canada, legal registration in Canada, employment prospects for Canadians or permanent residents, and an active business plan or work permit application.
This category is excellent for foreign nationals who are in Canada on assignment for their employer.
The employment must be with the foreign company’s Canadian branch, not its foreign office.

From Intra-company Transfer Visa to Permanent Resident

After one year of gaining Canadian work experience as an intra-company transferee with an ICT work permit, an additional 50 points will be added to a foreign worker’s CRS [Comprehensive Ranking System] score, thereby increasing the likelihood of receiving an ITA [Invitation to Apply] for Permanent Residence if they are applying for an express entry program.

Intra-Company Transfer Canada is a fast road to permanent residency in Canada.

Investment Amount for Initial Business Expansion into Canada

The Canadian government does not establish investing requirements benchmarks.
Entrepreneurs must demonstrate that they have at least $250,000 available to invest in their Canadian business for the first year of operations. In addition to the initial investment cash, applicants must demonstrate that they have access to additional funds or assets to assist the Canadian business if it does not achieve self-sufficiency by the end of the first year.


There is no legal requirement for first-year profitability. It requires time and constant effort to establish a lucrative business in Canada or anyplace else in the world.
However, your organization must be legitimate and actively engaged in business, which means it must offer services or goods to Canadian or international consumers.
In addition, your business must have a physical location (office or warehouse) and employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
Generally speaking, there is no legal necessity that both companies (the parent company and its Canadian subsidiary or affiliate) participate in the same type of business.
However, it is strongly advised that the Canadian company engage in a similar business or operate in the same industry, as the IRCC may dispute the legitimacy of the business or the applicant’s eligibility to engage in a drastically different business in Canada.
Under Canadian law, it is prohibited to guarantee a favorable outcome for any visa or immigration application.
What we can promise is that we will make every effort to achieve the desired result and will pursue your interests with the highest devotion and persistence.
However, 5% to 10% of ICT applications are denied for various reasons.
The most typical causes for refusal are (1) the officer’s worries about the feasibility of your firm in Canada and (2) the foreign company’s insufficient financial resources to finance its activities.

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