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BC PNP Tech Pilot

BC PNP Tech Pilot

BC PNP Tech targets skilled foreign nationals working in one of BC’s in-demand tech occupations. The Tech program is aligned with BC Skills Immigration, so interested applicants should review the various streams contained within the Skills Immigration category. 

BC Tech Pilot is a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) operated by the province of British Columbia.

BC PNP Tech allows candidates with job offers in in-demand tech occupations to apply for provincial nomination with expedited processing through the BC PNP.

Candidates who are successfully nominated through the BC PNP Tech program will be issued a work permit support letter, allowing them to apply for a temporary work permit. As well, they will be invited to submit an official application for Canadian permanent residence.

BC PNP Tech is not an immigration program.

Candidates who are eligible and have registered a profile for one of the BC PNP Skills Immigration programs, and who meet the requirements for the BC Tech program may be able to receive accelerated application processing and other benefits.

Job Offer Requirements

The BC PNP Tech program has unique job offer requirements. In order to qualify for the Tech program, your job offer must be for one of 29 selected in-demand occupations.

The offer does not need to be indefinite, but it must be for a period of at least one year.

If the applicant is already working for the employer in the position that is being offered to them, they must have at least 120 days remaining in that position at the time they submit their application.

Eligible Occupations

In order to be eligible for the BC PNP Tech program, candidate must be registered for one of the BC Skills Immigration programs.

Candidates must also be working in one of 29 tech occupations identified as in-demand by the BC PNP:

Application Procedure

The BC PNP Tech program is aligned with BC’s Skills Immigration programs. The programs best fitting for the Tech program are the BC Skilled Worker and BC International Graduate programs.

In order to apply for the BC PNP Tech program, a foreign national should verify that they meet the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code requirements for one of the 29 in-demand occupations.

If this requirement is met, the person may initiate the application process by registering a profile with BC PNP Online.

Once the profile is registered, the applicant can follow the application procedure for the BC Skills Immigration program for which they are eligible. BC PNP Tech applicants receive a number of advantages when going through the provincial nomination process.

First, additional rounds of invitations to apply are issued on a weekly basis for qualifying Tech candidates. Second, applicants will have their PNP application processed at an expedited rate.

Finally, employers are able to access the Tech program “concierge services” to assist with the hiring of foreign nationals through this program.

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