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How to Work in Canada as a Farm Worker

How to Work in Canada as a Farm Worker

If you’ve always desired to work as a farmhand in Canada, you’re on the proper track.

Did you know that between 2019 and 2028, the Great White North will have 15,200 new agricultural job openings for farmers? According to Canada Job Bank, this requires 17,000 new job searchers.

The easiest provinces to immigrate to as a farm worker in Canada

To work as a farm worker in Canada, you must target the provinces and territories that are seeking to fill labor shortages and are interested in the talents you possess. We will supply you with work prospects in each province and territory that are categorized as “Fair,” “Limited,” “Uncertain,” or “Good.”

  • The table below depicts the employment opportunities for farm workers in Canada by province and territory during the next three years.



Job Prospects



British Columbia




New Brunswick


Newfoundland and Labrador


Northwest Territories

Undetermined (no data on job prospects in this province)

Nova Scotia



Undetermined (no data on job prospects in this province)



Prince Edward Island






Yukon Territory

Undetermined (no data on job prospects in this province)

The provinces having a “Good” demand rating for farm workers are Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island, as shown in the table above.

What does this mean for agricultural workers who wish to live and work in Canada?

  • General Farm Workers in Nova Scotia (NOC 8431)
  • General Farm Workers in Ontario (NOC 8431)
  • General Farm Workers in Prince Edward Island (NOC 8431)

This occupation is seasonal, and working during the summer months is favored due to the nature and circumstances of this occupation.

What Skills Am I Required to Have to Work on a Canadian Farm?

  • There is no formal education requirement, and the nature of the work permits international workers to acquire training on the job. However, the following are the talents that all farmers should possess:
  • General farmers in Canada must be able to demonstrate attendance at a Grower Pesticide Safety Course or an approved, supervised on-farm training session.
  • The foreign worker must have experience running a variety of agricultural equipment, including seeders, sprayers, feeding systems, etc.
  • Experience in agricultural production (crop or livestock) is likely to be seen favorably.

How to Enter Canada as a Farm Laborer

To successfully immigrate to Canada, you must be aware of the programs for which you might apply to work as a farm worker in Canada.

  1. The Agri-Food Pilot Scheme

This is a pilot program, which implies that the Canadian government has not yet declared it a permanent program; the purpose is to examine the pilot’s long-term viability. In addition, the Agri-Food Pilot intends to address labor shortages and requirements in the agri-food industry.

This pilot is appropriate for foreign nationals who are experienced, non-seasonal workers who wish to apply for permanent residence in Canada (PR). As this is a pilot at present, it will run through May 2023.

To be eligible for permanent residence under the Agri-Food Pilot, you must have Canadian work experience in jobs or industries deemed appropriate by the Canadian government.

  • A non-seasonal job offer from a Canadian employer in one of the approved industries outside of Quebec is required.
  • Applicants must satisfy or, if possible, surpass the language requirements.
  • Applicants must have the requisite finances for settlement.
  • Applicants must maintain their temporary resident status if they are already in Canada.
  • Educational Requirements for the Agri-Food Pilot: You must have a Canadian high school diploma or an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from a designated organization or professional body – this will serve as evidence that you have completed a foreign credential at the secondary or higher level.

Note that your ECA report cannot be older than five years as of the application date.

The original ECA report must be issued on or after the organization’s designation date.

Let's have a look at some of the sectors and professions declared eligible in Canada, according to the official website of the Canadian government.

Meat Product Manufacturing (NAICS 3116) are:
  • NOC B 6331 – Retail butchers
  • NOC C 9462 – Industrial butchers
  • NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC D 9617 – Food processing labourers
Animal production, excluding aquaculture (NAICS 1121, 1122, 1123, 1124 and 1129):
  • NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC C 8431 – General farm workers
Greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production, including mushroom production (NAICS 1114):
  • NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC C 8431 – General farm workers
  • NOC D 8611 – Harvesting labourers

Below are the annual limits which show the number of applications that can be accepted for each occupation, as per the data on the official Canadian government website:


Applications Processed Per Year

Retail butchers & Industrial butchers


Food processing labourers


730Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers


General farm workers


Harvesting labourer


2.The Express Entry System Explained

The Express Entry system is an online points-driven system designed to manage immigration applications. The system consists of three accommodating programs, which are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Program Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

But what makes the Express Entry so popular? The system is user-friendly and is known to generate speedy immigration outcomes, making it a well-renowned system among other immigration systems.

Candidates must gain up to 600 points under Express Entry; they can earn an additional 600 points if they or their spouse or partner possess other criteria that the Canadian government considers to be extremely advantageous for immigration to Canada.

This manner, applicants can boost their chances to receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) – all foreign nationals must acquire an ITA before they can apply directly to the Express Entry programs.

Prime Tip: The depth and veracity of the information you give in your Express Entry profile will determine whether you receive an ITA. Remember that if you are successful, you will need to verify the information you’ve supplied with the appropriate credentials and additional documentation.

If the IRCC detects any dishonesty on your side, your application will be delayed and ultimately denied. We therefore encourage individuals to apply to any immigration program with honesty.

Application Procedure

Regardless of the immigration program you select, the following actions must be taken when applying for Canadian permanent residence:

Step 1: Determine if you meet the program requirements (and the job requirements)
Step 2: Check your Comprehensive Ranking Scheme (CRS) Score – under Express Entry system or other points driven programs
Step 3: Gather your documentation in advance and be prepared
Step 4: Create your online Express Entry profile
Step 5: Apply to the most suited program, pay the application fees, and submit your application

Are farm workers required in Canada?

Farmers are high in-demand in Canada since the Canadian government predicts 15,200 additional vacancies for farmers from 2019 up to 2028. Nonetheless, one must investigate the availability of prospects in each province.

Because the agricultural profession is seasonal and physically demanding, and the Canadian climate is unpredictable, we urge immigrants to keep their choices open.

The good news is that Canada offers an abundance of diverse job options that meet the requirements of all individuals.

However, if you’re adamant to immigrate as a farmer, you would want to check out the Agri-Food Pilot which will operate until May 2023.

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